3 Years of Telescope Records

It was "J.D. Audio" in the 90's, "Akash Audio" in the 00's and reincorporated as "Telescope Records" in 2018. Today we completed 3 years of our new phase. With a promise to entertain in the future years here is a small video dedicated to our hardworking artists.

Featured Videos: Noob - https://youtu.be/D8XeZdxcUB4 Closure - https://youtu.be/4B_I5YGCL20 Pam Neh - https://youtu.be/cp2fdPEJB20 Belir Xadhu - https://youtu.be/j5WdKhiaKQU Preyoxi - https://youtu.be/1iGhmcsPAVc Pakhi - https://youtu.be/6kvlgHTed60 Xongrami - https://youtu.be/xQ9EJ7yEk44 Music - Bhoi (Ngi Noi Remix) link - https://youtu.be/iFh1jw3Eg9o

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