Xondhyatora - Debut single of Debasish with Anhelix

The song "Xondhyatora" depicts the journey of a lost lover who is alone in the dark seeking for the love of his life whom he lost in the past because of his own mere mistakes. His only wish to fall into her arms again and be together for the rest of his life in a brighter, happier place.

Song Credits are -
Singer - Debasish Bora Producer - Anhelix Lyrics - Anweshan Priyam & Swapnil Borah Composition - Kongkon Guitar - Rishi Thumung & Kongkon Recorded at Studio Harmonics (Shankar J Baruah)

It's available in all music platforms - https://lnkfi.re/Xondhyatora
and a Music Video -

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