Telescope Records first female solo act: Aaichang



Telescope Records signs it's first female solo artist Aaichang. She debuted with her first single "Ukaa" a year ago. Telescope Records is releasing it's audio on sevaral streaming sites this 21st January, 2022. Pre - Save the song using this link - You can watch the music video for Ukaa on her YouTube channel. Link embedded below!

Telescope Records changes it's usernames


In a recent post Telescope Records announced that they will change their usernames on all social media platforms. their previous username (telescoperecordsindia) was way too long and not easily readable. So, they changed the usernames to shorter version (telescoperecs). People can find Telescope Records offical accounts by simply searching "telescoperecs" on major social media platforms.

Xondhyatora - Debut single of Debasish with Anhelix

The song "Xondhyatora" depicts the journey of a lost lover who is alone in the dark seeking for the love of his life whom he lost in the past because of his own mere mistakes. His only wish to fall into her arms again and be together for the rest of his life in a brighter, happier place.

Song Credits are -
Singer - Debasish Bora Producer - Anhelix Lyrics - Anweshan Priyam & Swapnil Borah Composition - Kongkon Guitar - Rishi Thumung & Kongkon Recorded at Studio Harmonics (Shankar J Baruah)

It's available in all music platforms -
and a Music Video -

JILI - Telescope Records own video production service


Telescope Records announces it's very own video production service called "JILI" on 16 July, 2020. It is a sister company which will mainly focus on Media and Broadcasting various contents in Assamese language. It already started a podcast called "ADHA".

JILI will help create music videos for Telescope Records as well as others. It will also have it's original content like short films, web series or maybe movies in future. JILI also have a website -, where it will post media related blogs.

3 Years of Telescope Records

It was "J.D. Audio" in the 90's, "Akash Audio" in the 00's and reincorporated as "Telescope Records" in 2018. Today we completed 3 years of our new phase. With a promise to entertain in the future years here is a small video dedicated to our hardworking artists.

Featured Videos: Noob - Closure - Pam Neh - Belir Xadhu - Preyoxi - Pakhi - Xongrami - Music - Bhoi (Ngi Noi Remix) link -

"Telescope Spotlight" for the Next Gen Artists

Telescope Spotlight

We are proud to present our new sub-lebel Telescope Spotlight. Spotlight will feature new talents from any genre, who is passionate to create music. Subscribe here - 

Belir Xadhu

Belir Xadhu by Kongkon & Anhelix is out now

Belir Xadhu is an epitomic example of pure love. The writer is deeply in love with his girl and makes an endeavor to express his love through his vivid imaginations. He dreams about taking her up to the Milky way galaxy, far away from the materialistic life on Earth. He desperately wishes to build his dream home with his lover in a place lighted by million of stars, and expresses his urge to listen to the stories of the Sun, together with his soulmate.

YouTube Official Music Video - 

Source - Telescope Records News

Telescope Soundtracks

We are very proud to present you Telescope Soundtracks, a division of Telescope Records for the Original Motion Picture Soundtracks.

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Telescope Records Complete Playlist

Telescope Records Official Playlist is out on Spotify now!!

Playlist Includes Telescope Records whole roaster and updated with every new release on top. Checkout now -

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77B Golf Club Road

Duet Songs by Bhupen Hazarika and Jayanta Nath

Telescope Records remastered and released an EP called 77B Golf Club Road which includes two songs by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and Jayanta Nath. One is Aamar Somajor and other one is Aji Idor. Aji Idor (Lyrics - Nurul Haque, Composer - Md. Hussein) is a song celebrating the festival of Eid, where's Aamar Somajor (writer - Nogen Bora, composer - Jayanta Nath) talks about society.

Listen now on -

Source: Telescope Records Press

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika's first Song

Kusumber Putra

Kusumber Putra is the first song written and composed by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika in 1937 at the age of 11. It was his tribute to Assamese polymath Srimanta Sankardev. The song was not recorded in any form and had many versions transmitted orally. In 2018, Jayanta Nath recorded the song with the help of family members and close friends of Bhupen Hazarika. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Foundation produced the song as a step to save it. Telescope Records is proud preserve it in digital form.

The Song is available on all Platforms, Click the below link to hear

Source: Telescope Records Press

Second Anniversary

Two years back we, decided to change our YouTube channel name. It was Anhelix Music back then. We changed it to Telescope Records. Save the story behind it for another day. At first we used to release remixes. Following the footsteps of big Record labels like Interscope, Capitol, EMI we started to release original music. More and more artists got associated, we started digital music distribution, collaborated with various artists and today, completed two years! It was a great journey till now, only because of you. Thank you to those, who supported us from the starting.

Bhoi Release

BHOI is the debut single by Kongkon Kaushik Featuring Anhelix

The song is the story of a Kid who is scared and sad about how the world has turned into...
It speaks of the screams of the child that goes unheard and the fears that go unnoticed.
How he is startled and terrified of the gun powder and of bloodshed followed by in numerous deaths in a massacre.
He is frightened of war and destruction in his dreams, reality and even on a bright ordinary day.
He beseeches mankind to stop squandering time on unrealistic greeds and jealousy.
Unable to perceive with his ears and eyes, the injustice and selfishness that prevails, he cries for his mother praying for her to hide him away from the world.
Broken, yet full of ambitions and dreams is the child. He longs for a world with peace, prosperity and love.
The song ends leaving a note for everyone, asking common men to never lose hope and to never stop midway, to never be scared of what stands as an obstacle.

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