Bhoi Release

BHOI is the debut single by Kongkon Kaushik Featuring Anhelix

The song is the story of a Kid who is scared and sad about how the world has turned into...
It speaks of the screams of the child that goes unheard and the fears that go unnoticed.
How he is startled and terrified of the gun powder and of bloodshed followed by in numerous deaths in a massacre.
He is frightened of war and destruction in his dreams, reality and even on a bright ordinary day.
He beseeches mankind to stop squandering time on unrealistic greeds and jealousy.
Unable to perceive with his ears and eyes, the injustice and selfishness that prevails, he cries for his mother praying for her to hide him away from the world.
Broken, yet full of ambitions and dreams is the child. He longs for a world with peace, prosperity and love.
The song ends leaving a note for everyone, asking common men to never lose hope and to never stop midway, to never be scared of what stands as an obstacle.

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